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"From the very beginning to the completion of our home, our experience with Gary and Terri Herman was beyond our expectations. A lot of work was put in by Gary before we ever signed a contract with him for construction. Our process was clearly explained, our estimates were accurate, and a timeline was followed as closely as weather would allow (a few things GARY can't control!). We have built a custom home before and this time EVERYTHING was more predictable and quality throughout the home was a higher priority. If something is not right, it gets corrected quickly and with no questions asked. Gary allows his sub-contractors to do the work that they do best and keeps them on a tight schedule so that no one is left waiting to work the next step. Input from the future home owners is desired and accepted, even encouraged! We can truly say that our home is better than we expected and we are happy to consider Gary and Terri as now life-long friends. We HIGHLY recommend them (and have several times already!)."

Dave & Debbie

"Several years ago my husband and I started dreaming of our retirement home. We had a floor plan, and a dream We gave both of those to Jason Thompson, a local architect, and our dream moved closer to a reality. We then began the different search for the builder who could take our dream and our plan and build what was in our hearts! After talking with a handful of very qualified prospects, we agreed that Gary Herman was who we both felt was the man for the job. We met with him and his wife, Terri, and pulled the trigger and the process began. One of the things we loved about working with Gary is that he insisted on meeting once a week, on-site if at all feasible, to go over what had transpired that week and what was coming up the next week. There was always a written handout with everything we would discuss, with necessary contact information for suppliers, etc., as well as any receipts for items purchased that week. This alleviated any dreaded calls that are so common when building such as "we will be needing all of your lighting fixtures on Wednesday!". Gary and Terri walked us through what can be a nightmare of an experience in such a way that it was actually quite pleasant! If we ever decided to build again, which we won't because after living here about a year there is nothing we would change, we would not think twice about who to call, Herman Custom Critical Homes, of course. We feel very fortunate that we chose correctly, and we actually got lifetime friends out of the deal that we enjoy spending time with socially!"

Dave & Sandy

"From concept to completion the Herman's can-do attitude is paramount in the construction process of a truly bespoke custom home. Very rarely were there any designs or finishing concepts that were unobtainable in the building process thanks to Gary & Terri's years of custom home building experience. While the sky can sometimes be the limit on any custom project, the Herman's budget conscious approach to custom homebuilding prevented us from having to compromise in any aspect of the home. By the tail end of the project we were able to implement precisely what finishes we requested while still being admissible to our budget. With us being newcomers to the building process there were several unknowns ahead of us but the Herman's ability to guide us through each step made the process painless. Never once did we feel as if we were going into any step f the process blind which is exactly what one wants in a home builder."

Casey & April

"Having Herman Custom Homes build our home was absolutely the best decision. After reviewing a minimum of 15 owners who had custom homes built, the referrals always came back to Herman Custom Homes. We found the 16 months of construction a very pleasant process. The professional recommendations and assistance made the experience much easier. We’ve now been in our home 8 years and look back at the decision to use Herman Custom Homes as the smartest decision we made in selecting a builder. I welcome anyone to visit with me about our construction experience and we just can’t say enough how happy we have been with our home."

Marvin & Donna

"There comes a point in your life when you realize that the only way to get a home that truly works for the way your family functions is to build it yourself. We realized this a number of years ago after we viewed so many existing homes that were for sale that I feared for our impact on the sanity of our realtor. Of course none of them were exactly what we had in mind, and we didn’t want to compromise any more with such an important part of our life. When we announced that we were intent on building, we received many amused looks and cautionary commentary about blown budgets and marriages from friends, but we were resolute. We triangulated recommendations on various builders from friends and people we knew in the building trades. We then interviewed many builders before awarding the project to Gary Herman. My wife and I concluded that Gary would be very attentive to our thoughts and ideas on our project. We noted that when he spoke with us, he spent as much time directing his conversation to my wife as he did to me. This was important to us because we had heard many stories about builders who were seemingly less attentive to the thoughts of women: my wife had a lot of good ideas that needed to be considered. Throughout the project, Gary made himself accessible to daily phone calls and nearly weekly meetings that–due to our unpredictable work schedule–took place over weekends and in the evening. We believe that Gary always had our best interests in mind when dealing with suppliers. He often went out of his way to find better pricing to help us stay on budget. Gary was easy to get along with and has the unique ability to go outside the box on many of his projects. If you have an idea, Gary will figure out how to make it a reality. He truly understands that he is there to build what you want, not what he thinks you should want. In the final analysis, our home was completed on schedule and on budget. My wife and I exchanged not a single cross word with each other throughout the entire project. We enjoyed the process so much that we are looking forward to designing the next house for Gary to build after our three boys have left the nest. My wife and I both highly recommend Gary Herman to anyone considering a building project. It was a pleasure building our home with him."

David & Christina

"When it was time to build our home, we knew who would be our builder because we had followed several homes he built in Highland Springs. Because of the meticulous work he did and his attention to detail, Gary Herman was our man! We had actually owned our lot since 2000 but it was 2010 that our building began. We had some significant stalls when our building began, but Gary persevered with us. As time progressed, and the actual building began, we found him to be great to work with, and fun, too. His attention to OUR INPUT was unbelievable, letting us make the most important decisions, as well as the most minute. It actually, astounded me! We moved in to our home in June of 2011 and remain friends with both Gary and, his wife, Terri, who is always there whenever you need her input and even for just some social fun. If you are considering building a new home, Gary Herman would be the builder to investigate and say yes to. You won’t be sorry!!!!"

Ray & Judi

"We interviewed several builders in Springfield who were supposed to be “The Builder to Hire “!! These were the builders everyone said built the BIG homes. Then we met Gary Herman. Even though he had never built a home as large as we wanted we knew right away he was the builder for us. Since we all were new at this process we knew we needed someone to be very patient with us. Our son, Matthew, had great ideas but he wanted us to build modern and get away from the traditional, French Country, Springfield look. So we would be experimenting with many different materials, and we felt sure it would take several years to complete the home. It did take almost 3 years and there was never a time that Gary rushed us in making decisions. I think Gary is not only such a patient builder, but he is so very kind with not only us the homeowners, but all the subs, and all the companies we were working with. I never saw him angry. Several other attributes that make Gary stand out as such a wonderful builder is the fact he always answers the phone when you call. And, perhaps the most important one to us is that he will always come back after he finishes the project no matter how many years it has been. We moved in our home in 2004 after 2 and half years. That was almost 9 yrs. ago. He is still helping us every time we need something. I can honestly say I have never heard of another builder being so willing to help after so many years. There are so many things you look for in a builder. For us the fact that Gary was such a wonderful person, father of 5, great husband, and such a hard worker stood out above all else. If we would ever build a home again in the Springfield area Gary would definitely be our choice. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to hire him.
Please call us if you ever have a question concerning hiring Gary Herman as a builder."

Bob & Diane

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